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From year, month, week, and day at a glance to wallet, desk, wall and computer calendars, stock & custom photo or drawings, we have the perfect calendar for you.

What types of calendars do you offer?

Desktop, planner, wall, year, month, week and day at a glance, calendars that go on your keyboard or your monitor, calendars that fit in your wallet, coupon calendars, mousepad calendars, magnetic, pop up calendars, block calendars, you name it.

What’s the value of a calendar?

You can promote your brand or products for pennies a day. Calendars are one of the most cost effective promotional products that yield the highest result. Calendars hanging on office walls or on desks or computers are looked at an average of 2-3 times a day – even more often at home!

Do you offer early order special pricing on calendars?

Yes, we do. If your calendars are ordered from January through May for the next calendar year we offer early bird pricing options. You place the order with us, we have the calendars produced & stored until October or November delivery. Payment is not due until the calendars are received. The other option, which includes a greater price reduction, is to place your calendar order & pay when the order is placed. You can receive the calendars immediately & store them or we have them stored & delivered to you in October or November for distribution to your clients, colleagues, friends & family.

What’s average delivery time?

Standard production time is between 5-10 days, but we can make things happen in as little as 24-48 hours on occasion, depending on the product! Need a quality product quick? Call the Advertising Specialists of Maine!